Saturday, 23 April 2011


'Why is it that whenever I go home I know exactly what to do?'

I read this line in a recent issue of New York Five and couldn't get it out of my head for an hour. Recently I had been working pretty hard on just paying the bills, taking on a paid commission, which meant that my writing took a dive. Work on comics was slowing down and Easter break hit my classes at college for two weeks. In light of this I decided to take a week off and go home to my parent's house, mainly to rest. It was a good decision and, although I missed people, I got the time-out that was needed.

I've had a few fun ideas for short stories in the past weeks (not like me at all), so I read Kiss, Kiss by Roahl Dahl to remind myself how funny, scary and wonderful his stories were and inspire some of my own. After finishing The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie - which was fantastic for very different reasons - it was nice to read something shorter. After visiting a great bookshop in Carlisle I decided it was time to delve back into children's fiction again, so I bought Momo by Michael Ende (I adored the Neverending Story) and Holes by Louis Sachar which, unbelievably, I've never got round to reading.

I picked up far too many comic books from Imagination Station, and may review the more interesting ones at a later date.

I also went to Motor-Cross with my mother. Anyone who knows the first thing about me knows I didn't attend for the sport but because I wanted to take photos and find myself fascinated by the excitement of it all...that and I secretly want to be Evel Knievel...

I'm now excited about getting back to work, about creating more things, about seeing people I've missed....and I guess that was what I was missing before I left. Excitement.

Summer is my favourite time of the year. This year it hit Oxford early, and I can't wait to get back.


  1. Meg just bought me Holes for my birthday, although I already read it and own it back home. But you can never have too many copies of a good thing. It's one of my absolute favorite YA books, I hope you like it! And the film wasn't bad either.

  2. Great photos Owen .. what did you use to get that warm orange/brown effect ?