Thursday, 15 March 2012

Zombies 2 in Previews March!!!

Zombies 2 (featuring 'Fever Dreams' by myself) is now available to pre-order through your March Previews catalogue. Get your candy ass into your local comic store and order one, pronto. Indie comics do not survive without people like YOU laying down the benjamins. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.


Thaddeus Mist and related treasures

The artist team on 'Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?' have been working hard to bring the whole thing alive in recent months (and a comic book is never really alive until an artist magics them out of thin air with just paper and ink). I thought I'd take this opportunity to share how excited I am. Every single one is knocking it out of the park.

Thaddeus Mist by M.D.Penman

Over at his blog, the brilliant Grant Perkins has done a marvellous pin-up for the book.

I believe the plan is to release a smaller volume of pin-ups, process notes, and other juicy material to coincide with the release of the main graphic novel. There were so many great artists and friends that for whatever reason (scheduling, length etc.) couldn't make it into 'Thaddeus Mist' so it would be great to still have their work feature in some way.

Also over at Rhys L Reed's blog you can see the thumbnails for his contribution to the comic. Find those here:

Rhys I met at Thought Bubble last year and knew right away that he'd be great for this. His art is just amazing and gives a texture and whimsy that the book was lacking before he jumped onboard.

Finally, Conor Boyle gives us Thaddeus Mist...

Conor is the main artist on Thaddeus Mist (our narrative frames the other stories - almost like flashbacks). It's been a true joy working with Conor, and so far I've been humbled by his work-ethic. Everything I've thrown at him art-wise he has embraced, and even brought more to the table than I'd imagined, making suggestions and making even a hack and a pretender like me look much, much better than I am. On top of this, Conor's stepped in to oversee the art direction on the book, in order to make sure the transitions and stories mesh together correctly (no easy task when there are so many artists involved in telling one continuous story). Follow the dude on twitter (@pencilmonkey), read his blog, generally worship at his feet. He is a damn fine artist.


Thaddeus Mist features in issue 374 of Starburst magazine (The Walking Dead cover) and there will be some attention given to Accent UK books in an upcoming issue of Comic Heroes, thanks to Rob Power. Comic Heroes is a great magazine I've been reading for a while so it would be nice to have Thaddeus Mist feature in there at some point in the future.

We're still shooting for a tentative release at the end of summer (but with comics, I've learnt, many things can and will go wrong. In short, don't hold ya breath, folks! If the Mayans are right we'll all be toast before this baby hits the racks!)

In search of Golems...

It has been way too long since my last blog post. So now's a good a time as any.

I skipped over to Prague in February. Having worked on 'Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?' for a good few months it was time to take a break.

Prague has a lot of history, and it was a thrill to get to know it a little. There is a great cafe/bookshop called The Globe that does the best coffee and apple strudel I've ever had. If it were not frowned upon by nutritionists I would do this 24 hours a day. Without even stopping.

We went to the National Theatre to see a Czech play (yes, it was a magnificent building - no, I didn't understand what the actors were saying), tried to find the landmarks mentioned in my favourite book: Michael Chabon's 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay', took pictures, and generally tried to blend in (not easy when your pronunciation of Czech sounds like you're coughing up a particularly troublesome furball). Being a fan of Mike Mignola, witches and general spookiness, I got a huge kick out of the Charles Bridge...

...and the Old Synagogue, in the rafters of which the famous Rabbi Loew is rumoured to have hidden the Golem, monstrous and enchanted figure built of clay taken from the banks of the river Moldau..

...but the Nazis were evidently shit at looking, because in every tourist cavern my girlfriend found a million of the little devils in the form of adorable keychains, notepads and other delightful novelty items.

Prague's a great friendly city, and I left completely inspired.