Friday, 14 January 2011

And tonight I wanna break my chains/Somebody break my heart/Somebody shake my brains

Been sketching Mister Miracle because I'm so into my Forth World collection right now. Never been a huge Kirby fan before, tended to find John Buscema's Silver Surfer heavier on elegance and melancholy, which is just how I like my surfer. But my girlfriend, Louise, bought me the first omnibus collection for christmas and it's just astounding. I'm glad I waited until I was old enough to appreciate it.

As I was sketching Springsteen was playing in the background, and he suggested the title lyric. I've found myself listening to him a lot lately, specifically the 1978 album Darkness On The Edge of Town (underrated after the success of Born To Run). I like its bleaker edge, and the expression of yearning to break out of whatever trap you find yourself in. Springsteen and Scott Free are singing messages into my ear. I feel hopeful and truly inspired, for the first time in ages. Bring on Darkseid, I'll whoop his big grey ass.


  1. How'd you get a girlfriend?
    I'm kidding...great sketch, Owen.

  2. I managed to bully her into it...also she works in the graphic novel section of Waterstones (British Barnes and Noble)...therefore guaranteeing that she would find me charming and not a total dweeb.