Monday, 12 November 2012

Burials and Births

Wow, that was really something. Been out of the game a while on this blogging post for various reasons, one of which being that the last two months have been hoovered by finally finishing 'Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?' for Accent UK. I did my first big piece of press for the book over at the Forbidden Planet blog

Advanced reviews:

"Eminently literate...irresistible adventure, magic, and a touch of horror" - Burnt Wieners

"A book that soars above any comparable British anthology" - P.M. Buchan, Starburst

"Atmospheric" - Steve Yeowell (Zenith, The Invisibles)

When I started up this (not entirely sane) venture two years ago it was summer-time in Oxford. Now, down the line, it's winter in the North of England. It's been an amazing (if stressful at times) journey, and all that remains is to send this baby out into the world and have people read it, and hopefully enjoy it. This may happen at some events that I'm planning but for now Thaddeus's public life begins at Thought Bubble sequential art festival next week! I'm beyond hyped for this show. It's arguably the biggest con in the UK, and a great place to showcase new work. I have some fun and possibly dangerous things planned (not strictly comics related), so do hunt out the Thaddeus action this weekend.

It's also a wonderful excuse to spend time with some of the outstanding creators, writers, artists, journalists and friends that I've had the joy of meeting in the last couple of years since I started out in the comics business. I'm excited to meet new faces as well, so if you're planning on attending Thought Bubble, I'll be manning the Accent UK stall at Table 50 of the New Docks Hall for both days. Conventions invariably consist of running around like a maniac to cram in everything you absolutely MUST do, but I'm always just so buzzed to be at a convention (this may have something to do with the coffee I'll be slugging from a cup the size of a bathtub), I'll always chat so please make yourself known, even if it's in the bar afterwards. Especially if it's in the bar afterwards.

And then that will be it! 'Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?' will be where it should be: in the hands and heads of its readers. My relationship with it will be over.

Leaving me to press on with some new creator-owned material...some of which I will be shopping around the convention for advice and abuse from my peers.

Got some fireworks in the shed for next year, primarily a new piece of filth with my buddy with INDIO as well as putting to bed the first chapter of my most personal comic; Reel Love. Here's a taste.

Ciao for now!

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