Sunday, 13 July 2014

Everyone's in Reel Love

Hey everyone!

Glasgow Comic Con was a total blast! Here's some rad photos taken by Guillermo Ortego 

The Art School 
This guy published my book. Which was nice of him.
The Dogooder Comics table seemed to be kicking all weekend, with Colin Bell & Neil Slorance on one side and Guillermo Ortego on the other. We sold comics and ate mama Johnson's famous mac and cheese. I sketched in the books of lovely people who bought them.


Then the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards, at which Dungeon Fun swept up. Cue celebration drinks.

Left to Right: Guillermo Ortego, Roger Landridge, Pete Milligan, Me
There were genuinely too many good people to mention right here, and many people I was foolish enough to miss. You'll have to forgive me. In summation: heatwave weather, amazing staff, and one of the most supportive communities I've ever experienced: I highly recommend this show. Get yourself there next year


Here's more more great reviews of Reel Love from:

Bleeding Cool 

Broken Frontier

Comics Bulletin 

Big Comic Page 

Fan Girl Nation 

Also here's a HUUUUGE interview I did with Multiversity Comics for the book's release 

So overwhelmed by the support for my solo debut. It seems to really pull an emotional reaction from people, with many reviewers and readers remembering their own first experiences of going to the movies. It's fascinating and elating to hear them all.

Here's where you can currently buy Reel Love Act One.

First port of call should be the Dogooder Website

If you want to support a comic store, the book is currently stocked in:

8 Great Newport St
City of London
Greater London
Tel: 020 7240 0591

Imagination Station
41 Bank Street
Tel: 01228521007

Alhambra Cinema 
47 Middlegate
CA11 7PT
Tel: 01768 862400

More stores are planned but I have a few crushing deadlines so stay tuned.

Alternatively, if you want to get the comic from me in person I'll be repping Changeling Studios at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival  and Thought Bubble , with a signing on the Dogooder Comics table planned for Reel Love.

I should probably make issue 2 now, right?


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