Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Brave New Words

This is an old project from last year that I think would be fun to unearth and work on again some day.

Myself and some fellow writers began an experiment to create a modern writing magazine featuring stories written by Victorian characters of our own creation. It was fun to create these personas (we remained anonymous throughout the project) and I hope very much to meet Charles Fall, Lady October and the rest at some point in the future.
My part in the magazines production was designing the look of it (it has a homemade, ramshackle energy that I love in retrospect), and making sure it was printed with the right pages in the right order. This is more difficult that it sounds when you're wrestling a pile of lurid 19th century fiction, while being gawked at by everyone in the printing shop as they staple together their weekly church pamphlets.
I digress. It was a fun little summer project that I did with my friends. Maybe you'll think it's cool, maybe not.

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