Monday, 22 March 2010

Break A Leg, Bruce...

This one's for you comic fans...

A frequent collaborator and friend Garry Brown asked me recently to put together a treatment for a five page Batman story, for an assignment he was working on for the Joe Kubert School or Cartoon and Graphic Art. He tells me the pages went down a treat in the Marvel editors portfolio session...which sounds like justice because these pages are unbelievably good.
I really hope I can put these up- which are the pencils of his work- without someone suing the hell out of me or something. All characters are copyright DC Comics....just in case. All art is copyright by Garry Brown who is the best comic artist about to break into the industry. Trust me, you'll be hearing a lot more about this guy.


  1. Absolutely righteous, I love it.
    Good to see old Bats getting his just deserts!

  2. Thanks, Indio. It is about time he got his arse handed to him in a biblical way. Garry rocks my socks. How are you getting on with Stevenson's Robot?

  3. Crikey, are right about this art..I would have thought these pages would make a perfect portfolio sample!