Sunday, 6 November 2011

New articles and new friends.

Recently my involvement with pop-culture site Comicbooked (see right for link) kicked up a gear. As well as an article celebrating the birthday of Steve Ditko, I submitted an extended interview with Frank Quitely which was part of a visit to Hope Street Studios in Glasgow. Both can be viewed here: -

The studio visit, and Quitely's generosity, was a highlight of the year for me. The Glasgow artist is a personal hero of mine so it was a very big deal, and I came away inspired in the work I'm doing inside and outside comics.

Now working in a bookshop in Carlisle, I've made some new friends and helped man a graphic novel and manga evening in-store, which was a lot of fun and opened my eyes to the desire for more of these events in the North. Over 200 attendees proves that, even in such a rural area, there are people out there who respond to comics and need to see more events like this staged.

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