Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hermit and Kermit

Wow. It's been a while.

I've been working full-tilt through December and January to secure artists for the Accent UK project 'Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?' It has been a crazy, challenging but ultimately rewarding experience (at least on the writing side, there's still so much to do!) When I cranked out those final words on the script I emerged feeling like The Thing - it's taken a while to come back to the real world.

For a full low-down on the project, there is a lovely press release from Dave West on the Accent UK blog.

The book, in my hands and trying to weave all the threads together, has become a kind of Gothic novel - more intense and intricate than I had originally anticipated. It includes all the Victorian flavours that my fellow mad scientists have brought to the table; gentlemen's clubs, and lavish balls, and (as any Victorian drama must contain) diabolical secrets hidden in the family! I'm genuinely having a blast, as exhausting as I'm finding the organization. I am completely proud of it :)

It's been super-awesome working collaboratively (something I always get a kick out of) and I've added a ton of these co-conspirators into my links. Check them out they're truly talented folks, and they taught me a LOT about storytelling, and making comics, and working on something with a team rather than a duo.

In other news, 'My Maker & I' (delayed until this coming year) is the book Burnt Weiners most look forward to in 2012!! (see link right). Their show is great - you can never have enough dick jokes...or can you? - they clearly have fun and I almost snorted my cereal hoops across my monitor a couple times. I'm honored the book got a mention with them, it means a lot.

Taking some time out the next few days to recharge, then jumping back into something new.

But first, I am totally dying to watch the new Muppet's movie. Two words...fart shoes.


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  1. I'm sitting here feeling very advantaged ... I've read the script and it really is wonderful .. it's going to be a fabulous book. Well done to Owen, who has put a ton (or tonne) of effort into this over the last few months, and to all the other contributors for scripts and character sketches ... it's going to be a wonderful book